Monday, 7 April 2014

Birthday Party Concert

Last night we could be justified in thinking we were in the West End of London and not the Stephen Joseph Theatre to celebrate the 75th birthday of Sir Alan Ayckbourn. The party was in the form of a concert which featured the best of the best. Compared by the lovely Janie Dee, multi-award winning actress and singer, currently appearing in Blithe Spirit with Dame Angela Lansbury at the West End Gielgud Theatre.
Janie also sang and brought the house down with her amazing voice and delightful style.  A treat for all of us.

Other performers were the fantastic Tom Townsend, born and bred in Scarborough, influenced greatly be Sir Alan and much talented blues/folk singer.  
David Newton - voted best jazz pianist for the 10th time in 2011.
Steve Phillips and the Rough Diamonds. Steve and the band`s latest critically acclaimed album, North Country Blues (2013) features a number of self-penned songs.

Peter Cropper, Benjamin Nabarro and Martin Cropper - a more accomplished trio of chamber music musicians would be hard to find, totally world class in every respect - the atmosphere in the theatre was such that you could hear a pin drop - truly wonderful.
David Newton and John Pearce - Jazz musician, was something to be believed.  John playing violin accompanied David on the piano and with such skill, precision and passion was out of this world.
Lastly, our own wonderfully talented Director of Scarborough Spa Orchestra played for the SJT Quirky Choir who ended the show with two songs and then the choir and audience joined together in singing Happy Birthday to Sir Alan.  A memorable and historic night as to have such diverse and talented musicians and performers together in one place, would be hard to repeat.  It could only happen at the SJT. Fabulous.

To have Janie Dee stay with us at Tall Storeys was the icing on the cake!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Strangers in Town?

I woke up this morning feeling strange as if something was about to happen. The telephone rang early with someone wanting our last room but said “she would ring back”.  I checked my emails and found that the room had already been booked out during the night. I felt lucky. She never did ring back.

Decided to go for a stroll along the beach and take in some refreshing sea air. Donkeys were out; speedboats were out and Ho! Ho! Ho! the pirate’s ship was out, but the best thing was the sun was out. Heading along to The Spa I began to notice a build-up of strange visitors to Scarborough. Not your usual type, but friendly nevertheless. 

Then it dawned on me it was SFS. What is SFS? Sci-Fi Scarborough is a two day weekend Convention of everything from Comic Books to Costume play, Authors to Artists, Guest Speakers to Guest Signings, Tabletop and Online gaming. Check it out

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spring has finally sprung in the garden at Tall Storeys

Lovely tulips popping up all over the place - result of my planting last year - so exciting to see everything come up. 

Ian and I have been busy painting outside now we have finished (for the moment) painting inside!  Ian managed to paint the two sheds and what a difference.

I have started on the windows and hopefully will get started on the much needed refreshing of the conservatory.  Sea air does a lot of damage to woodwork so we need to try to keep the wood in tip top condition - not an easy task, but hey ho, we are trying our best.

Had lovely guests again over the past few days, but now are free for a couple of days so going to make the most of it.  

Going for a walk down to the sea front to see the Hispaniola (Pirate ship) on its return after being away for refitting (new plank) and also the openng of Marine Drive which has been closed for two years to two way traffic.  

Hope the sun continues to shine!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Tree Felling!

Having gained skills in many new areas since moving into Tall Storeys, tree felling was not one that we had thought about at all!
However, here is the proof - Ian went a bit crazy with the saw and as a result we have had to get proper `Tree Fellers` - (not 3 fellas - although probably will need 3 fellas) to remove the debris!!  Our garden should look so much lighter and brigher without all the extra foilage.  The borders are looking better already so I will be getting planting as soon as I can.

Guests from Scotland
We always enjoy having friends/family down from Scotland and last week-end we had the pleasure of Wilson and Jan from Lauder.  We ate out at the award wining Golden Grid which was absolutely delicious and then went on to choir night at Stephen Joseph Theatre and enjoyed listening to the SJT Youth choir who were fabulous, Global singers and SJT very own Quirky Choir - all excellent.

Graham Community Choir
Ian and I love to sing and we performed with our own choir on Saturday night - Graham Community Choir - with a 30 piece orchestra!  Amazing!  
Video of just two pieces we sang are on the website and more will come available later.

Jesu, joy of man's desiring by J.S.Bach                     Click on song title to see the video

Today, Ian's off to sing in Bridlington with some of the choir at a Day Centre.  I have to stay in and wait for the three fellers!!

Thats all folks!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

One year old today

Today is Tall Storeys First Anniversary with Ian and I at the helm!  I have to say we have sailed in calm waters, with the odd ripple catching our breath at times!  All in all it has been a fabulous year for us.  Meeting lovely guests, getting to know our neighbours, joining a fantastic choir and exploring the area (when we can)!  We have been blessed with pretty good weather since moving in and have enjoyed many hours in the garden, working and relaxing with or without guests.
Thank you so much to all the guests who have stayed with us and who have also returned many times.  We have been absolutely delighted to have you and hope to see you all again this year. 
There has been much cleaning going on and a lot more decorating than we anticipated - we are looking good!!
Thank you too to all our lovely friends from Scotland who have visited us - also friends from Romania, Switzerland and Canada.  These visits have all helped us to settle.
We are not strangers to this area having lived nearby for a number of years, so we say thankyou to all our long standing friends who have welcomed us back with open arms.  Marvellous!